U13 and 14 Girls Runners Up at Minot Indoor Tournament


Earlier this March, TC capped off its Winter Season by sending 8 teams to the Minot Indoor State Cup. The event served as the final event for players in the optional Winter Season. Of those teams, the U13 TC Storm Girls and the U14 TC Storm Girls came back as runner ups of their divisions.


After already playing two games on Saturday against tough U14 girls teams, the U13 TC Storm Girls faced Minot’s U13 Girls team. It was a close game with TC having several chances to score in the second half but they were unable to find the back of the net. The game ended 2-1 in favor of Minot, but as coach Andreasen notes, the group played well on both sides of the ball.


The U14 TC Storm Girls went 2-0-1 in pool play and advanced to the final to face Mandan. It was a close and high octane game that eventually resulted in overtime. Under the tournament overtime rules, after each minute of play, a player from both teams had to leave the field. Eventually, both teams were left with one field player and one goalkeeper each, playing the full court. In the waning minute of play and several near chances, TC conceded a goal in heartbreaking fashion.


With that, TC wraps up its optional Winter Season. Hopefully, this season has given the participating players a new edge to their game—just in time for the Spring Season! Thanks to everyone for their dedication and hard-work this winter.

TC Celebrates First Annual Puddle Cup


Affectionately named, the first annual Puddle Cup concluded this last weekend and we had a blast!

The idea was simple: a coed 4v4 tournament at our own Soccer Central, open to all of our Select Winter players under age 12. The objective: give the game back to the players!


The only involvement the coaches had was to divide up the teams and make the schedule. Players ran their own games. They picked their own formations and positions, ran their own substitutions, and talked about improvements at halftime.

Not only was this format terrific fun for the 30 players that made it out, but it served as a vital part of their player development. Whether called street soccer, a sandlot game, or a pick-up game, this form of soccer provides players with an opportunity to learn the game on their own—through their own experiences.


There are plenty of articles that highlight the importance of street soccer for fostering creativity and tactical growth. And except from the 2012 US Youth Soccer (USYS) Player Development Model highlights the key benefits of street soccer to be:

  • Lack of psychological distress for game results except from the players themselves.
  • Opportunity to play with and against a variety of players, each of whom present different strengths and weaknesses which help individual and group improvement.
  • Opportunity to take chances with new skills and ideas.
  • Opportunity to play with variations of the number of players and size of the field which enhances tactical growth.
  • The ‘street soccer’ environment requires players to think for themselves which allows the chance for anticipation players to evolve.

Ask those that were there—it was fascinating to see the different team strategies forming throughout the day. Some teams pressured high up the field, others sat back and defended, and others sat way back. Some teams tried to pass through the other team while others found that dribbling worked best.

We want to thank everyone that made this event such a great success: the parents for being positive and encouraging, the volunteers for all their gracious time, our staff for putting this all together, and, of course, the players, for continuing to inspire us all.


Five TC Teams Take 1st or 2nd at NSU Futsal Tournament


The Tri-City Storm Soccer Club sent 13 teams to the 2016 Northern State Soccer Futsal Tournament in Aberdeen, South Dakota just over a week ago. Of the 13 teams, 5 claimed first or second place!

Congratulations to the U14 TC Storm Boys team for claiming the title of the U14 Boys White Division. In the final the boys beat WYSA 14, a team they had fallen to 2-3 in pool play, by a score of 2-1.

Members are: Kelson Demmons, Jace Dew, Jacob Harmon, Benjamin Knudson, Jackson Kuznia, Evan Reinholz, Austin Scott, Skyler Smeby, Kai Vasquez Black, Jaden Zander

Congratulations to the both the U17 and U18 TC Storm Boys for their incredible performances in the U19 Boys Division. Both teams went undefeated in their their 4-team pools to meet one another in the final—a game they decided would be best played in Fargo. In that game, the U18 boys would take the victory by a score of 6-3.

U17 TC Boys members are: Jackson Carr, Bassel El-Rewini, Jacob Fritz, Joseph Grundstrom, Matthew Russell, Cody Sather, Devon Thompson

U18 TC Boys members are: Mason Brekke, Samuel Gess, Noah Gjesdahl, Isaac Judisch, Jace Larson, Aaron Syvrud

Congratulations to the U14 TC Storm Girls for claiming runner-up in the U14 Girls Red Division. They fell to a highly physical Tempo Lightning team by a score of 2-5 in the final.

Members are: Madeline Etter, Rukhsana Ghauri, Alyssa Heacox, Mackenzie Kirkpatrick, Payton Lane, Breanna Nelson, Jenna Schroeder, Molly Sundbom

Congratulations to the U18 TC Girls Black team for claiming second place in the U19 Girls Division round robin bracket!

Members are: Brookelyn Dew, Abigail Hagen, Ruth Hegstad, Tabatha Kelsch, Madison Kramer, Sydney Kramer, Rachel Nguyen, Hattie Scherer, Lauren Zanotti

U15 Boys take First, U16 Girls take Second in Bismarck



Tri-City Storm Soccer Club sent 3 teams to Bismarck this weekend for the 10th annual Frosty’s Cup and returned home with one first place and one second place.

Congratulations to the Tri-City Storm U15 Boys team for winning the U16 Division at this year’s Frosty’s Cup! After losing their first game by a single goal to DUSC Strikers, the Boys made the proper adjustments and won their next two games in convincing fashion. Locked in a three-way tie, the Boys advanced on goal differential to go to the championship vs Vardy Party. Tied 1-1 at half time, the Boys found their stride and stormed to a 7-2 victory to bring home the championship!


Congratulations to the Tri-City Storm U16 Girls Gold team for taking second place in the U16 Division at this year’s Frosty’s Cup! The Girls began their weekend campaign with two victories against Minot Magic FC and MSC. In an early morning game, the Girls lost to Magic Skill U15G by a score of 0-2. However, they were able to advance on head-to-head to face the Magic Skill U15G again. In the final, the Girls took an early lead but couldn’t close out the game and lost 1-2.


Split into two teams, the Tri-City Storm U16 Girls Black team started their weekend with a win against MSC. With their eyes on advancing, they were up 4-2 against Victorious Secret 4-2 in their second game, but a couple of breakdowns lead to a 4-5 loss. In their final game against Minot Magic, the girls would ultimately come up short. Coach Ben Brooks noted that the girls continue to show incredible improvement.

We want to thank DUSC for hosting our teams at this year’s Frosty’s Cup.

Five TC Teams Take 1st or 2nd at President’s Cup

This last weekend, the TC Select program enjoyed great soccer at the incredible Sanford Fieldhouse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the 2016 DASC President’s Cup. Eleven Storm teams were represented in this year’s tournament and of these eleven teams, three came back Runner-Ups, and two came back as Champions!



Congratulations to the U13 TC Storm Girls for winning the U13 Girls Olympic Division! After going 2-1 in pool play, the Girls beat Nitro in the final, by a score of 2-1. Nitro had beaten them 0-6 in pool play but the Girls made the proper changes and came away with the win to claim the title!


Congratulations to the U18 TC Storm Boys for winning the U18/19 Boys Division. The Boys won all of their games, scoring 25 goals and allowing only 11. They defeated Storm Lake FC in the final by a score of 2-1 to claim the title.



Congratulations to the U13 TC Storm Boys Black team for claiming second place in the U13/14 Boy’s Division! After going 2-0 in pool play, the boys faced their teammates, the U13 TC Storm Boys Gold team, to make for an interesting semi-final game. Sharing a single coach and bench, the two teams enjoyed their game against one another, but was competitive none the less. In the end, the Black team advanced to the final to face WYSA U13B, a team that they had beaten in pool play, where they would unfortunately fall 1-4.


Congratulations to the U16 TC Storm Girls for claiming second place in the U16 Girls Division! After going 1-1 in pool play, the Girls showed their resiliency in the semifinal against BHR U16G Burgundy, beating them 4-3. They faced the younger U15 BHR Burgundy team in the final, but fell 2-4.

image1 (2)

Congratulations to the U18 TC Storm Girls Gold team for claiming second place in the U18 Girls Olympic Division! In pool play, they battled and finished with a 1-1-1 record, with 6 goals for and 6 against. They advanced to the final and claimed second place against DASC 99/00 Black.

We’d like to thank DASC for putting on a wonderful tournament, our coaches and parents for bearing the blizzard, and our players for all their hard work and dedication!

TC Announces Soccer Juggling Club

juggling club


A player development initiative launched in 2016, the TC Storm Juggling Club is open to all Tri-City Storm Youth players, Recreational and Select alike, and is dedicated for players to showcase their soccer skills and improve their passion for the game. There are 5 levels of the Juggling Club: 50-99 Juggles (only avaliable to players U12 and below), White (100-249 juggles), Gold (250-499 juggles), Black (500-999 juggles), Elite (1000+ juggles).

What is Juggling?

Juggling is the act of keeping the ball off the ground. For soccer players, this means using any part of your body (foot, thigh, chest, head, etc.) to maintain control of the ball in the air without using your hands! If you haven’t juggled before, try the following: Hold the ball out in front of yourself. Now, drop the ball onto either your foot or thigh, and knock it back into your hands. Once you get a feel for this, try to do it two or three times in a row without using your hands!

Why Juggle?

Because juggling can significantly improve your game in many different ways! Your touch on the ball is vital to the game of soccer. If you can juggle the ball consistently, you are more likely to be consistent when receiving and distributing the ball in games. It’s a great way for you to learn how the ball reacts to different touches and surfaces. Juggling can also improve your confidence on the ball – not to mention, it is fun!

When to Juggle?

The best part about juggling is that you can do it almost anywhere and all it takes is you and your ball! The most effective way to achieve your juggling goals is to practice on your own! Beating your score and challenging yourself are important keys to improving your game. Juggling a soccer ball with feet, thighs or head is an excellent activity for both beginners and advanced players alike.

Coed Indoor Winter Champions


After an eight-game pool division, Eleven Wise Monkeys claimed the 2016 Winter Coed Division title! The team finished the season with a an impressive record of seven wins and one loss. 5 of the 12 players are members of the TC Select Program.

Members of the team pictured are: 
(front row left to right): Omar Alabase, Thomas Pflipsen, Jason Mellmer, Jace Duffield, Zuheer Alabase.
(back row left to right): Cory Duffield, Anna Triller, Jennifer Marsh, Karissa Sanchez, Molly Sarafolean.
(not pictured): Jeff Duffield and Jensen Odegaard

High School Indoor League Champions Crowned

This previous Sunday, Tri-City Storm Soccer Club concluded another successful Winter Indoor High School Season. Congratulations to Northwest Girls and DSS United, champions of the Girls High School League and the Boys High School League, respectively.

Northwest Girls

The Northwest Girls beat Shanley 6 to 2 in Sunday’s Final to become the 2015-16 Winter Indoor Girls High School Division Champions. The Northwest Girls team consisted of players that attend high school at Fargo North and West Fargo. 6 of the 10 players are members of the TC Select Program.

Members of the team pictured are:

(front row left to right): Megan Zander,  Maddi Kramer, Peighten Watson, and Emmy Burtsfield.

(back row left to right): Sydney Kramer, Ruth Hegstad, Jessica Goroski, and Molly Sarafolean.

(not pictured): Rachel Koenig and Mackenzie Scraper.

DSS UnitedDSS United beat Moorhead Spuds 6 to 5 in Sunday’s Final to become the 2015-16 Winter Indoor Boys High School Division Champions. The DSS United team consisted of players from high schools all around the Fargo area including Fargo Davies, Fargo Oak Grove, Fargo Shanley, and Fargo South. 10 of 15 players are members of the TC Select Program.

Members of the team pictured are:

(front row left to right): Josh Anderson, Matthew Russell, Trey Waltz, Aaron Syvrud, Nati Teshager, Wasi Ewnetu, and Cody Sather.

(back row left to right): Andrew Hanson, Brian Rapp, Dawson Breyer, TJ Anderson, and Jacob Fritz.

(not pictured): Conner Bosch, Sam Gess, and Sam O’Keefe.


Austin’s Angels Helps Scholarship TC Players

Austin's Angels Article Cover Photo

Thanks to the kind donation of Austin’s Angels, a recently formed charity established in the memory of the late Austin Wagar, Tri-City Storm Soccer Club has been more able to award several full scholarships to deserving Tri-City Storm players.

Knowing that putting a child through youth sports can be financially tough, if not unattainable, for some families, these scholarships will cover the seasonal fees of the 2015/16 year in an effort to make traveling soccer more affordable for families who have demonstrated financial need.

We’re proud of our recipients who have been deserving members of the club and we know they will continue to represent Tri-City Storm in the highest manor, both on and off the field. We hope to continue to expand our scholarship program into the future to give more kids in the F-M area the chance to participate in traveling soccer.

More about Austin’s Angels:

In the late summer of 2012, Austin Wayne Wagar tragically passed away just before his junior year in high school. In his memory, his mother, Jamie and his father, Scott, started Austin’s Angels. Their mission was to honor Austin’s life by giving back to the things he was most passionate about and that helped shape him into the incredible person he became.

According to Jamie and Scott, Austin was always a very active child with a passion for many sports and outdoor activities. He especially loved soccer and was a long time member of Moorhead Soccer Club—a predecessor of our own Tri-City Storm Soccer Club. With a personal motto of YOLO, he was such a kind and loving individual and had such a love for life.

To this date Austin’s Angels has donated nearly $3000 to the community the past two years, most notably a contribution to the 2013/14 Moorhead High School track and artificial turf renovation project.


Austin’s Angels Memorial Snowmobile Run in Sabin, MN:

The main fundraising event that Austin’s Angels hosts is a winter memorial snowmobile run in nearby Sabin, MN. This year’s run is scheduled for January 30th. We encourage our members to take part in the run to show their support for Austin’s Angels. Not only is it fun winter activity to do with the whole family during the cold months, but it’s also a great cause and a generous way to show appreciation to one of our newest donors.

For more information on the Snowmobile Run visit their website! You can also donate directly to the charity through their site.

TC and the 2015 DASC Winter Games

Sioux Falls, South Dakota was the site of this year’s DASC Winter Games indoor soccer tournament. Closing out the 2015 Fall Season, four TC teams made their way south to the pristine fields at the Sanford Field House. Unlike the rest of the fall tournaments, the Winter Games is a 5v5 tournament that compliments speed of play and playing in tight spaces. With the Winter Season just around the corner, TC teams took positive first steps for the future months of small-sided indoor competition.


The Tri-City Storm U15 Boys Gold team went 1-2 on the weekend in the Olympic division. They had 9 goals for and 12 against. It was a tough division, with no game decided by more than two goals. They fell in close matches to eventual runner-up, DASC U15 Botafogo, and eventual champions, Furia, both by the same score of 5-3.

Like the U15 Boys Olympic division, the Tri-City Storm U15 Boys Black team faced a strong World Cup division. The Black team tied the eventual runner-up, DUSC U15B, 4-4 and lost to the eventual champion, DASC U15 Spitfire, by a single goal. They had 12 goals for and 17 against.

Overall, Coach Ben Schneweis concluded that both teams were provided with “high-quality, appropriate competition” that tested what the group had been working on the previous weeks in training. Schneweis noted the positive strides of the team on the weekend: “We have been working hard to improve our speed of play, playing more thoughtfully/intelligently, and connecting and combining with each other in possession. Both of our groups showed improvement in these areas during the event. The tight space and quality competition forced us to have to play and think quickly, and as a coach I enjoyed watching our players try out the things we’ve been doing in training. We now have a terrific opportunity to continue improving in these areas as we move into the Winter Session.”


Combined into a single division, the Tri-City Storm U16 Girls Gold and Black teams battled within their separate pools in hopes of seeing one another in the final.

The Gold team finished second in their pool, with a record of 2-1. After falling to eventual champion, DASC 99/00 Blue, by a score of 5-3 to start their weekend campaign, the Gold team then went on to win 7-4 against Tristate Revolution Red, and blanked Dakota Alliance Black 6-0.

In a demanding A Pool, The Black team were slow to start their weekend but closed out their tournament with a strong performance against the eventual Runner-Up, BFC/WYSA Select, falling 5-3 in the final minutes.

After getting his first look at how the teams play indoor, Coach Ben Brooks was optimistic about the team moving forward: “We as team have been working on attacking runs and high defensive pressure to build a high scoring offense. At times, it can be risky tactic and can cost us counter-attack goals, but learning how to play at this pace is a vital part of player development. By the end of the tournament, the girls were passing and attacking at a really high level. It was a great foundation for success. It is fun to watch, and I am looking forward to some high scoring games during the winter season!”


This tournament concludes another successful TC Fall Season. Teams will have a brief break before they head indoors for the 2016 Winter Season. Congratulations to all of our teams this fall for all their hard work and dedication!